February 1st, 2020


So, how do you know if you can get away with a few minor repairs, or if your driveway needs paving services Westchester County and Fairfield County? Usually, it’s pretty clear as the exterior of your driveway will show clear signs of wear and tear.


One minor pothole can be easily repaired, but if you notice multiple potholes it is a surefire sign that your driveway can no longer support the weight of vehicles.

Bad Drainage & Water Pooling

When you notice water pooling in certain areas of your driveway or spots that are significantly sloped or rolling off in streams it signifies bad drainage and poor installation. Asphalt in itself is a porous material, consisting of a mixture of crushed rock, aggregates, binder and filler. When installed correctly and by professionals, it will be able to filter water down into the ground surface evenly and without issue.

It’s Way Overdue

Asphalt driveways have a lifespan of roughly 20 years while concrete driveways have about 30. In any case, if you notice significant aesthetic and foundational problems, it’s time to replace it. Repairing it will not fix the foundational problems and might end up costing you more than a full replacement and fresh seal coat. Our paving services are focused on providing you with the best paving service regardless of the severity of your driveway’s damage.


Cracks can form from a wide variety of reasons. During winter even the smallest hairline cracks can expand from the cycle of water freezing and melting. And once those cracks in the pavement open up, salts, oil, gas and other chemicals and substances can penetrate even deeper and worsen their condition.

It Just Looks Weathered

Weather conditions are one of the biggest culprits to a driveways fast decline. Homes in hot areas need to be careful with sharp objects or particularly heavy vehicles driving or parking on their driveway, because the asphalt can soften significantly. Homes located in cold areas are also at risk because the constant use of de-icers, shovels, and water seeping and freezing into cracks and potholes can cause further damage. Usually, a faded driveway from the sun will eventually begin to crumble, and it signifies weakness.

Get in touch with us if you need a professional team with decades of experience repairing, paving and sealing a wide variety of surfaces. We offer paving services Westchester and Fairfield County, a high-quality seal coat and repairs of various types.

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