February 7th, 2020


Before you can get jlpavers, it’s ideal to wait for the weather to warm up. Before that during the winter months, there are a few things you can do to protect your driveway from the harsh winter elements.

Get Your Driveway Seal Coated

Getting your driveway seal coated before winter sets in can help to protect your driveway. A seal coat will protect your driveway from the elements, oil and petroleum products, chemicals and traffic, and oxidization. It offers increased flexibility, allowing the asphalt to quickly adapt to seasonal weather changes and resulting in no more brittle or cracked pavement. It extends your driveway’s durability and lifespan with a waterproof layer to keep out moisture.

Regularly Clear Away Ice

To avoid snow turning into hardened ice, regularly clear it away before it has a chance to pile up. If you let it accumulate on top of your asphalt driveway when temperatures are warmer the snow/ice will melt, seeping into the tiny cracks and crevices in your asphalt, refreeze and cause the frozen water to expand, causing those tiny cracks to expand even further.

Professional Snow Removal & Salting

Hiring a professional snow removal and salting surface can be an easy way to clear away large amounts of snow from your driveway and minimize the chances of any damage. Professionals will know exactly how to position their blades to eliminate damage and scraping of your asphalt, as well as which salt product will be best suited to your driveway.

Avoid Metal Shovels

Don’t use metal shovels on your driveway, instead, use a lightweight plastic shovel and position it at a shallow angle instead of a steep one, to avoid causing damage to the asphalt.

Regularly Use a Push Broom

A push broom is a perfect tool to brush away any light layers or dustings of snow fallen atop your driveway. A much easier method of eliminating 1-2 inches of snow is with a push broom – no need for a shovel!

If you will need paving services in Westchester County or Fairfield County for the new year when the temperatures begin to rise, get in touch with us. We are looking forward to helping make your driveway one to show off in your neighbourhood!

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