April 14th, 2021

Among the first things someone notices when they enter your property is your driveway. A properly installed and maintained pavement can increase the aesthetic and functional value of your home, while a worn-out one can turn your property into an eyesore. We recommend scheduling routine preventative maintenance and investing in prompt asphalt driveway repair in Scarsdale to keep your surfaces looking as good as new for longer.

If your pavements have lost their luster and require some sprucing up, you may wonder whether you need to invest in repairs, resurfacing or a replacement project. Usually, repair projects are only ideal for addressing minor concerns such as small cracks and potholes. When an issue is allowed to get out of hand, more expensive remedies may be necessary to revamp the looks and strength of your pavements.

Repairs may no longer be effective if you are dealing with cracks that are more than a quarter an inch wide. Such crevices can also go deep by a few inches, compromising the integrity of the base. Sometimes, more serious steps are necessary if you want to find lasting solutions.

A resurfacing project is more ideal when asphalt damage is extensive. If a concern covers 25% of a pavement or more, simple repairs may not provide lasting solutions. During resurfacing, we remove the top layer of the pavement to erase all cracks, potholes and other blemishes. We then inspect the base and revamp it before installing a new surface.

You should plan for a driveway replacement project if your structure is over 20 years old. In this case, the chances are that the whole foundation is compromised and needs replacing. Most of the materials may also be weak and beyond fixing. During a replacement project, we will create a strong, compact and smooth foundation before installing the top. A strong base increases the likelihood of a structure lasting for at least 20 years.