August 4th, 2020

If you own a business today, you are expected to have a place where customers can park their vehicles in order to shop at the venue. Malls sometimes have acres of space which is paved and designated as parking areas. These paved areas come complete with directional arrows, signage, and sometimes curbs and water directional channels or catchments. It is important to keep these parking areas in pristine condition. Here are some of the reasons for asphalt parking lot repair in East Chester NY.

A well-maintained lot near to the shop or other business entrance is a benefit to store owners and managers, as well as to customers. Depending on the layout of the lot, it can also facilitate deliveries, as well as vehicle loading and unloading. Handicapped accessible spaces are especially helpful to those who find walking a challenge.

The appearance of a business is helped by a well-laid-out space to park and to directions to the spaces. If the striping becomes faded, or potholes develop in the surface of the lot, vehicle damage can occur. Broken surfaces are a challenge to navigate and can result in shoppers taking their business elsewhere. Standing water on the surface can cause pedestrians to get wet feet or having to take circuitous routes to get to and from the vehicle.

Pedestrian safety is of prime importance to store owners and managers. An uneven surface caused by a poorly maintained paving job could be the cause of a nasty fall, broken bones and medical issues. The liability in many such instances must be absorbed by those who did not keep the surface in good repair.

When the space where vehicles travel is smooth and free from cracks, potholes, or bulges, it is much easier to clean and maintain. Water flow is directed in a way that is helpful to flood control efforts. In inclement weather, it is particularly important to keep the surface free of ice and snow.

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