August 4th, 2020

Many businesses and organizations are choosing a hard surface for many applications. These projects can include parking lots, driveways, pathways and playgrounds, as well as others. The product is relatively inexpensive and is easy to apply, thanks to the help of experienced professionals with the right equipment. Asphalt begins as crude oil from which everything is removed and put to other uses. The remainder is asphalt concrete or AC. Here are some reasons to choose us as asphalt paving contractors in White Plains NY.

Our skilled and knowledgeable team of technicians is experienced in every aspect of application and repair. Some steps in the process require knowledge of proper handling and operation of heavy equipment. For the safety of our customers, passers-by and employees, our people are trained and certified in all aspects of this process.

We are aware of the importance of qualified people on our staff. They know how to operate the equipment safely and consistently. Our equipment is carefully maintained so that the best results are achieved in every job we do. We bring the right-sized equipment to the job, rather than trying to overload the capacity of the equipment.

One of the reasons for choosing this AC material over others is the cost. The material in our projects tends to be less costly than concrete In times of budget shortfalls, the cost of resurfacing is certainly something to be considered when choosing a contractor. We get the job done with no surprises when the bill is presented.

We can help you plan your next project using the AC standby. Whether you want a smooth roadway, bike path or walking trail, we have the expertise to design and install the surface. We can help you to be creative about your next project, whether the job is large or small. We will help with decisions about edges, thickness and other aspects of the project.

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