September 26th, 2016

When you pull into the lot you find it gray and grizzled, riddled with cracks, warped frost heaves and potholes. Sand and dirt cake the surface. The curb is in pieces and gravel has dumped out. In a few months, the winter has done to parking lots and property what a group of vandals couldn’t do in a year. There’s not much to be done, one might think, but repave the whole thing so that customers and/or tenants can enter without getting a flat tire or sprained ankle.It might appear that…


September 25th, 2016


Your driveway is your welcome mat, the pathway to your home. It may be a broad expanse, or curved and winding and disappearing among the shrubbery, or a straight shot to a waiting garage. Whatever the profile, your driveway presents landscaping opportunities to enhance your home and its character. While you must consider the drainage you will need, the stability of your soil, and the freeze and thaw cycles in your region, there are many materials and techniques available to help you create a…


September 21st, 2016


There is a specific type of gravel that works best for paver base. When installed correctly, this type of gravel turns into hard surface similar to concrete. Most DIY installations don’t use this type of gravel. I’m guessing because they just don’t know about it. In my guide, I’ll share with you the exact gravel that we use for all of our paver installations. Gravel is named by numbers at the quarry. However, these numbers are different from one quarry to the next. I’ll share with you…


September 19th, 2016


Prevent weeds from growing in your paver joints – this is huge. I think the most common misconception that my clients have about pavers has to do with weeds growing in the joints of the pavers. Most people think these weeds grow up from the earth/dirt underneath of the pavers. That is incorrect. Weeds grow in pavers by seeds being blown onto the patio and depositing themselves into the sand in the paver joint. In my installation guide, I share two of the most important installation steps to…


August 31st, 2016

 Sidewalks are a vital part of New York’s infrastructure. However they’re often regarded as insignificant and overlooked by many folks. A decent majority of individuals walk on these sideways without caring two cents about the surface they’re walking on. Everything is pretty traditional unless you trip on a cracked or uneven concrete surface and hurt yourself. Albeit that’s not an extremely unlikely risk, many folks still don’t give abundant thought to the surface of the…


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