August 31st, 2016

  Sidewalks are a vital part of New York’s infrastructure. However they’re often regarded as insignificant and overlooked by many folks. A decent majority of individuals walk on these sideways without caring two cents about the surface they’re walking on. Everything is pretty traditional unless you trip on a cracked or uneven concrete surface and hurt yourself. Albeit that’s not an extremely unlikely risk, many folks still don’t give abundant thought to the surface of the…


August 23rd, 2016


Working with blacktop is like working with many construction materials. It takes skill, knowledge, well maintained equipment, high quality asphalt paving and base materials, and favorable working conditions. If any one of these is compromised, you will, in all likelihood, get a poor quality job. If two or more of these are compromised, there is no doubt that you will experience inferior results. As with anything, the more you know, the better your chances of success. Here are some tips which…


August 19th, 2016

Blacktop Driveway

Many homes come with a driveway. Whether it’s leading to a garage, the driveway is a convenient place to park one or more cars. If a driveway is in need of repair or replacement, owners often choose between asphalt or concrete. There are certain factors that come into play when making a decision. More often than not, cost is a main consideration and frequently the driving force behind any driveway decisions that are made. Until you realize all of the subtleties behind these materials, you…


August 17th, 2016


When to Replace Your Driveway If you’re like most homeowners, you probably only stop to think about the condition of your driveway when you’re lamenting the large cracks that have formed in it. Such cracks are unsightly and can take away from the overall look of your home’s exterior. Yet you’re probably debating on whether or not it’s worth paying the money to have driveway replacement done to a surface that you’re just going to continue to walk and drive over. Driveway…


August 16th, 2016

cracked driveway

What are the benefits of sealing your driveway?   There are many benefits to sealcoating the asphalt to your driveway or parking lot. Think of sealcoating more of as a preventative maintenance for your driveway or parking lot, similar to how you paint your home to keep the weather from deteriorating the wood.                                                  …


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