August 31st, 2016

  Sidewalks are a vital part of New York’s infrastructure. However they’re often regarded as insignificant and overlooked by many folks. A decent majority of individuals walk on these sideways without caring two cents about the surface they’re walking on. Everything is pretty traditional unless you trip on a cracked or uneven concrete surface and hurt yourself. Albeit that’s not an extremely unlikely risk, many folks still don’t give abundant thought to the surface of the sidewalks. Things exasperate when those who are physically dysfunctional and use mobility devices have to walk on these surfaces. They have to heavily rely on the aesthetics of the sidewalk to commute. This is why the upkeep of concrete sidewalks is extraordinarily vital for a community. How to Maintain Concrete Sidewalks For the most part, concrete sidewalks are pretty durable and don’t require a lot of maintenance. However, plenty of alternative factors like soil, water and rise/fall in temperature can cause the concrete sidewalks to contract or expand which might end in the formation of cracks, gaps and protruding of slabs around the sidewalks. Up-keeping sidewalk isn’t a rigorous task. Though, if you’re faced with the choice of getting to repair a sidewalk, it’s advisable to contact a well reputed sidewalk repairs contractor rather than trying to repair it yourself. The sidewalk repair contractors in NYC will reach the location as soon as possible. Upon arriving they will assess the sidewalk by taking a stroll around it to see whether or not there are any raises, cracks, uneven surface or damages to the concrete sidewalk. Methods Used by Contractors to Repair Concrete Sidewalks
    • Slab jacking – Several professional contractors specialize in this method of repairing sidewalks. Slab jacking is a very straightforward method of raising the sunken slabs of concrete. This method works by drilling a hole in the slab to inject cement or cement like material inside the slabs to fill the space enough to lift the slabs back to their actual position.
    • Concrete grinding – Concrete grinding is the most typical type of sidewalk repair method utilized by the contractors to even the two concrete slabs so as to avoid any future risks of somebody tripping over the protruding slab. This is often done by slimming the slabs by removing the layers of the slab until it cuts back down to the position even to other slabs.
    • Filling gaps and repairing cracks – Upon recognizing any cracks or gaps between the slabs, contractors enlarge those gaps or cracks with hammer and chisel. This is often done to form an area wide enough for the use of measures to induce rid of all the articles that may have been affecting the standard of adhesive used between the slabs inflicting them to make cracks and gaps.
Keeping sidewalks in an immaculate condition needs very little to no efforts. Sidewalks will last years with some minor tweaks. You only need to be more attentive to the surface and get it repaired if you see even the vaguest of cracks or damage to the surface.