May 14th, 2020

Ensuring that your property is maintained correctly will save you money in the long run. If your property includes a steep slope near a road or sidewalk, you’ll need to take special precautions. As professionals in retaining wall installation in Eastchester NY, we have the skills to meet your needs.

Retaining Wall Installation In Eastchester NY

Our workers are licensed and certified in building these walls and will have access to the proper tools and equipment. You can ultimately choose to build your barrier out of bricks, cement or another material. We’ll examine the area in detail beforehand and engineer an action plan that is safe and efficient.

These barriers are generally also excellent for preventing erosion. In areas that receive a fair amount of rainfall during the year, the movement of water can wash soil off the hillside and eventually leave a considerable mess. A well-constructed barrier will prevent erosion and save your property from degradation.

We are also capable of performing construction on nearby areas of your property. Driveway repairs and brick paving are among our specialties. Adding paved walkways between different areas of the property is also something that can add a touch of elegance. We’ll make sure that only the very best materials are utilized.

We’ll provide you with a price quote at the beginning of the project that you can refer to as necessary. You might choose to keep it with your important financial documents. If you end up choosing a project that is larger and more wide-ranging in scope, we can tweak the quote for you.

You’ll ultimately want to rely on a professional contractor who does excellent work. We can ensure that your retaining wall is built sturdily and stands the test of time. Feel free to browse the site and call us for more information on a specific project you are considering.

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