March 2nd, 2020

If you are looking for reputable professionals to help you with your paving project, we can help. As the preeminent asphalt paving contractor in Eastchester NY, we work on both residential and commercial projects on a regular basis. We can sit down with you during the initial consultation and select a project scope that will be amenable to everyone involved.

Asphalt driveways can make nice additions to residential properties. If your current driveway is worn and eroded or is made out of gravel, we can give you a nice smooth surface that will protect the undercarriage of your vehicle. New driveways will also likely increase the overall value of your property going forward.

We are also adept at working with masonry and retaining walls. These walls are sometimes designed to be built near hill-sides where soil erosion has been noted in the past. A reputable retaining wall will keep the soil off of your new asphalt, which will, in turn, allow it to remain in the first-rate shape for many years down the road. Our masonry work is always completed by workers who have been licensed and certified in the field.

Asphalt parking lot repair is among the biggest aspects of your business, especially after several freeze-thaw cycles. We can fill pot-holes and seal cracks that have developed. The entire parking lot can then be repaved with high-quality equipment. Seal-coating is an important part of the repair process and should always be left to the professionals.

Many parking lot repair jobs require a bit of subsequent work before drivers can begin parking their cars there again. It is usually a good idea to add curbs so that drivers can be guided into their spaces correctly. Curbs are usually made out of concrete and may sometimes be painted yellow for higher visibility, especially during rain and snow events.

Striping is usually the final segment of the project. We’ll take careful measurements and use striping trucks to paint heavily visible yellow or white lines in the parking lot of your business. A freshly painted parking lot makes it easier to navigate, and this will ultimately attract more customers to your business in the long run, which is important for profit.

We also deal with walkway projects. Walkways leading from buildings to parking lots can be paved in asphalt to make them easier for both pedestrians and wheelchairs to access. Making parks, court-yards, and other areas accessible to the disabled is a requirement in certain jurisdictions, and we’ll ensure that the property you are responsible for is up to code. Check the legal requirements for your property at the outset of the process so that we can work with you on the specifics.

Whether you are a homeowner, a business owner, or a property manager in Scarsdale, NY, Norwalk, CT, or Greenwich, CT, we are able to help with your paving projects. If you are indeed looking for a quality asphalt repair contractor in Eastchester, NY, give us a call at 844-818-5500 for a free quote. We are always happy to assist!

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