April 12th, 2022

Maintaining your driveways, sidewalks, and parking lots is an essential step to ensuring durability for these high traffic surfaces. Lack of proper coating on such areas can lead to cracks that permeate water which ultimately compromise the strength of the base. When the base is no longer strong, potholes begin to form. It is thus prudent to seal the surfaces using the right coating to avoid such incidences. Hiring the best Sealcoating Contractors will help you bid goodbye to such problems. The rest of this post outlines the top tips for a flawless installation from reliable asphalt sealcoating contractors near me.

Prohibit Traffic from the Asphalt

We advise that you prevent people from driving or walking on the coat until the surface gets enough time to bond after drying. The car tires tend to remove the coat at some segments, especially when turning and lapping it on other sections leading to bumps. We set up barricades and warning signs to motorists to avoid such issues until the area is ready for use.

Keep Oils Off the Coat

Installing freshly sealed asphalt does not mean it is immune to damages. There are various threats to its integrity, and one of them is oil. Some cars may develop problems that lead to oil leakage that can easily damage the surface. At Jlpavers, we recommend that you get rid of any oil stains soon as they appear.

Plan for Bad Weather

If the surface gets wet soon after seal coating, it can prevent the seal from properly drying. It is important to set a window of a few hours after the installation process is over. Make sure you call us for the work when the weather is okay with no sign of rain on that day. We also remain a reliable contractor for professional asphalt repair in Stamford CT. We send our experts to inspect your area and ensure the weather is favorable for excellent work.

Pick the Best Season

We strongly advise you to choose summer as an ideal time to install the asphalt. Warm and dry weather provides the most appropriate environment to apply the sealer and get the highest quality result. It is during such time that you experience the quickest drying time. Get in touch with us, and we shall set everything right for excellent commercial and residential paving services.

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