June 14th, 2021

Having an attractive and well-maintained parking space can do a lot for your business. Parking areas are among some of the first things that consumers and stakeholders see when pulling up. If they’re riddled with potholes and cracks, or otherwise ill-maintained, many of your potential customers might move on to companies with better-looking property exteriors. After all, no one wants to risk automotive damage or personal injuries just to shop. Now is a great time to look for asphalt sealcoating contractors near me. At JLPavers, we offer an expansive range of services for helping companies make the right first impressions.

One of the top reasons to have your parking areas repaired and treated with sealcoating is the fact that it may be critical for ensuring that you’ve done your duty of care. Your duty of care is everything that you have to do to ensure that your property is safe, easily traverse, and unlikely to cause injury. If negligence results in a trip and fall accident or worse, you may wind up dealing with a costly premises liability claim.

Choosing to have a sealcoat applied to paved areas even if they’re already in good condition can significantly extend their lifespan. No matter how well it was installed, pavement is subject to constant wear due to ongoing exposure to moisture and UV rays. Heat-related expansive and contraction take their toll as well, as does the constant pressure of moving cars. Apply a coating now could save you significant cash on repairs in the future.

When visiting your location, we can assess the integrity of your paved areas to determine their remaining lifespan. Then, we can make recommendations as to the best course of action. This way, you can invest in services that are guaranteed to provide optimum benefits and returns and can keep your property maintenance and improvement costs under control.

When you work with JLPavers, you can affordably fix one of the most important areas on your property. In addition to parking lot sealcoating and parking lot crack repair services, you can also take advantage of our services for brick paving, retaining walls, and general cement work among other things. For more info on what we do and our prices, or to request a quote, contact JLPavers now.